He’s finally here!! Opie, our PR native, has landed in the USA and is ready for his FOREVER HOME! This cutie is an 11 month old, 32 lb Pointer/Hound mix who is going to make one lucky family VERY happy. Opie is a very sweet and friendly boy who is a master at giving hugs and kisses to those willing to accept. He loves playing with other dogs, is great with kids, and would be a perfect addition to a fun family where he will join in on lots of exciting adventures. If you have kids who want a playmate or another pup who needs a buddy, Opie is a perfect match. He doesn’t quite realize his size when he’s in kissing mode and could knock a little one over so steady footed children are best. He doesn't love to share one food bowl, so he needs his own if there is another dog in the house. (This is ONLY food related at mealtime....he's great with other dogs and doesn't have any guarding issues!). Opie is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

Let's just sit and stare at this guy's adorable smile for a little while! 😍 Meet Rhett Butler, who was named for his good looks and dapper personality, is a 1 year old, 50 lb Swiss Mountain Dog/Shepherd mix (best guess) who is just as handsome as his movie counterpart. If you're looking for a new man in your life, there isn't a sweeter or friendly dude, and he's just waiting to give you all his love. Rhett's dazzling, goofy, and ever present smile will brighten up even the gloomiest of day. Rhett is very social pup who loves all people big and small, and he gets along great with other dogs. His dream in life to to spend every day running, playing, and giving kisses! He is neutered, vaccinated, and will be microchipped when he arrives in NY. His adoption fee is $425.

Have you ever heard of a dog magnet?? Well, allow us to introduce Rico, a 2 year old, 45 lb Australian Shepherd mix who will literally stick to his people like glue! This guy loves nothing more than being the center of attention and is ready to smother his humans with kisses. Rico is a super sweet and affectionate pooch looking to find the perfect FOSTER OR FOREVER home. Not only was he blessed with amazingly good looks but he has a happy, goofy personality, and will make a great family dog. Time to go doggie shopping because he will be arriving to Long Island from the sunny island of Jamaica as soon as his flight is scheduled. He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & neutered. Adoption fee is $425.

Have. You. Ever???? I meant, come on! The speckled nose, her stunning eyes, the gorgeous markings. What’s NOT to love? Cookie is a house and crate trained 1 year old, 50 lb Catahoula/Bullie mix, and we have a sneaking suspicion that Cookie once had some kids of her own because she absolutely ADORES the little ones! Cookie’s Long Island foster mom says, “Cookie is a total sweetheart! She is wonderful with kids, very affectionate, great off leash, comes when called, is quiet in her crate, and she hasn’t chewed up my house, which is always a bonus. She’s definitely a young girl because she’s still very puppyish. Lots of energy to play, but she calms down and is very cuddly when she’s tired. She needs a little work with leash walking and not jumping to say hello (so kids who won’t be knocked over would be perfect.) I think she definitely needs some kids in her new home to play with her and cuddle her!” Cookie is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $425.

This sweet face captured our hearts! Meet Lincoln, a 3 year old, 37 lb Beagle mix who really is as sweet as he looks. Lincoln is all set to come to NY, and he’s looking for a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME to welcome him. Our friends in SC say Lincoln is a very submissive, shy, and gentle boy who is extremely trusting of people and warms up quickly. This dude has a heart of gold - he loves other dogs, he doesn't mind cats, and his gentle nature would be a nice fit for children. He is also a smart boy who walks great on leash! Lincoln is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $375.

This guy has personality with a capital "P"!! Introducing our social butterfly and kisser extraordinaire, Xander, a 2 1/2 year old, 46 lb Lab/Border Collie mix (best guess!) who is stealing the hearts of everyone he meets. He is a well-mannered boy, VERY affectionate and loves to be touching his human at all times (how adorable is that?). Take your new BFF for a walk and he will befriend any friendly pups who come his way. Xander has it all...good looks, personality and will make an amazing companion. He will be coming up north to Long Island on 4/13 ready to smother his love in a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME. He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & neutered. Adoption fee is $425.

Where to begin with this handsome fellow?? Well, for starters he's inherited the most mesmerizing pair of hazel eyes and a stunning coat! This handsome dude's name is Brew, and he's a 2 year old Hound/Lab mix (best guess!) with a very loving and gentle personality.l He gets along great with all of his friends, both human and canine, and he loves to show affection to his people. Brew has a great time romping around with other dogs, so a home with another dog or kids would be a good fit for him (although not a necessity!) At 45 lbs, he is the perfect size to join in on all fun adventures. We don't know how he does with cats. Brew is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & neutered, and his adoption fee is $425.

Another one of our sweet pups looking for a new forever home due to an allergy/asthma in her current home. This should be easy because Kira is an instant dog at your service! She is a house and crate trained 1 year old, 40 lb Hound/German Pinscher mix who will pretty much become an instant family of the family in almost any type of home. Her current family says,  " Kira would thrive with a family who loves the outdoors and has kids who throw her a ball and run around with her. She's a huge lover of being outside and having fun, and she'd definitely be unhappy if left alone for long periods of time during the day. She's a very happy, loving, and affectionate girl who actively seeks the attention and love her owners.  She's still young, so she'll happily take the opportunity to chew a shoe, but as long as she has her toys, she's very easily redirected." Kira is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $425.

It's hard not to pick favorites but Boscoe is high up on our list! We give this handsome boy 5 stars in the personality department, not only for being happy go lucky, but also as a lover of anyone he meets. He's a 2 year old, 45 lb Shepherd/Hound mix (best guess!) who's eager to start a new life in the USA. Yup, he's flying across the Atlantic all the way from Jamaica! His paws will be landing on Long Island and he needs a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME to welcome him with open arms. He's a sucker for human attention and loves giving endless kisses to any human willing to accept :) And of course, he's a friend to his fellow canines. He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & neutered. Adoption fee is $425.

To quote his namesake, "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". This mushy, affectionate, and 100% loveable 7-8 year old, 63 lb Chocolate Lab mix with a gorgeous auburn coat is looking for a forever BFF. His Long Island foster mom says that Bogart’s needs are very simple….he just wants to be with his humans 24/7. Our well-mannered southern gentleman will be a constant companion, whether it's lying on the couch snuggling or taking a leisurely stroll. He loves absolutely everyone, including other dogs and kids of any age (especially those who cuddle with him!). Bogie is the kind of pup who will happily follow you around the house or lay contentedly at your feet while you cook or do laundry. If you are looking for a dog to run or play ball with you, Bogart is not the dog for you, BUT if you are searching for the most grateful, loving, and gentle boy we’ve ever met, your search stops here. His need for love is deep, and he does have some separation anxiety when left alone, so he needs a home where his humans are home for the majority of the day OR someone who can take him to work with them. He is not a fan of the crate, but he does very well in a safe room that is gated off when left alone for short periods of time. Although he really doesn’t have much interest in playing or rough housing with other canines, he gets along well great with his canine foster sister and stays close by her side. Bogart is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $325.

To meet her is to love her! Taika is a 5 month old, 12 lb Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who hails from the lovely island of Jamaica. This munchkin is a little heart stealer with the sweetest personality, and she's ready to climb into the arms of her FOREVER HOME. Her Long Island foster mom says that Taika loves to play, but she's also SUPER snuggly (She particularly enjoys spending the night cuddled under her foster mom's neck!). She'll happily play with another pup, and she's a sweetheart whose also great with kids. Taika is still a baby and needs a home where someone has the time during the day to teach her everything she needs to know. She is microchipped, vaccinated, and adoption will be finalized upon spay. Her adoption fee is $450.

Brindle, Bubbly and Beautiful is how we describe our sweet Allie!! The pooch with the never-ending smile is ready for her FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME when she arrives on Long Island on 4/13. She is a 2 year old, 35 lb gorgeous Plott/Shepherd mix awaiting fun and adventure with her new family. She gets along very well with other dogs and would be thrilled with another playful fur-sibling to romp around the yard with. Not sure about cats as she hasn't met one. She is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed. Adoption fee is $425.

Sometimes the shy dogs turn out to be the most loving and grateful dogs of them all! Heidi is a beautiful girl who was rescued after she found herself caught in a trap as a stray. She had heart worm, but she has been treated and is now all set to come up north once she finds a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME. Heidi is a fully house trained 3-4 year old, 38 lb Spaniel/Border Collie mix who needs a home with a gentle hand and loving touch. Her SC foster mom says, “ Heidi was very shy and fearful when she first came to us, but she has come SO far in learning to trust us. She needs a patient family with time to give to continue her process of trusting all people. Heidi is the easiest foster I’ve had as far as leash walking and house training. We took it slow trying to pet her at first, and now she comes up with my dogs and licks my hand or hair when I put on her leash. I think she’d do best in a quieter home with no young children, who can be very loud, and if she had another friendly dog, that would be great. I really believe she would love a gentle playmate so she can continue to learn how to play and have fun. She’s totally fine with my cat as well. Heidi is a gentle and loving dog who is going to thank her new family every day for loving her!” Heidi is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $375.

I’m as sweet as pie and oh-so-gorgeous! My name is Blossom and I'm an 1 1/2 year old, 27 lb Lab mix looking for a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME. I'll be making my journey up to Long Island and will arrive on 4/13. I'm a big fan of my fellow dog pals and I will happily bask in human attention. My friends at the shelter say I was probably kept on a chain for most of my life, and now I’m ready to indulge in the love and attention I so deserve. My gentle nature means I'm going to make a great family dog in pretty much any home. I'm learning a few new things, such as walking on a leash, but being true to my name, I know I will "blossom" quickly! I am microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed. My adoption fee is $425.