If you're ever in need of a hug, this gorgeous dude is ALWAYS ready to shower you with love! Mr. Happy's name is Brew, and he's a house and crate trained 2 year old Redbone Coonhound/Lab mix (best guess!) with an amazing personality. He always happy-go-lucky, very easygoing, goodnatured boy who gets along great with all of his friends, both human (he LOVES kids!) and canine, and he is definitely not shy to show affection to his people. Brew has a great time romping around with other dogs, so a home with another dog or kids would be a good fit for him (although not a necessity!) At 45 lbs (yes, he's smaller than he looks in pictures!) he is the perfect size to join in on all fun adventures. We don't know how he does with cats. Brew is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & neutered, and his adoption fee is $450.

Another sad story today. 💔 DeeDee spent her whole life with a loving mom, but when her mom died, the children dumped her at a kill shelter, where she was placed on the euthanasia list. 😢 DeeDee is a beautiful house, crate, and leash trained 4 year old, 62 lb Lab/Pit/possibly Plott Hound mix (best guess!) who is in SC and looking for a NY/tri-state area FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME. Her SC foster mom says, "When DeeDee first came to me, she was fearful and confused. She stayed in her crate with the door open, except for going outside to potty, and would cry in her sleep. Broke my heart. BUT, she has really blossomed over the past few weeks! She is extremely sweet, no aggression whatsoever, loves toys and balls, and her favorite game is fetch (although she's still working on bringing ball back to me. She 'd prefer if I chase her around the yard!) She goes outside and looks at me with sparkling eyes wanting me to throw the ball. It is so precious! She's on the bigger side, so I'd recommend older children who she won't knock down by mistake during playtime. She gets along very nicely with my own dogs, and she's just an overall loving and gentle girl. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $375.

Sometimes you just gotta have a small fry! Destiny fits the bill, and she's looking for a NY/tri-state FOREVER home to call her own.  This little peanut is a 8 month old, 7 lb Pekinese/Chi mix whose GA foster mom says is an angel. She's a super sweet puppy who loves everyone, gets along with all the other pups in her foster home, LOVES to snuggle up under a blanket, and would do very well in a home with kids. (Kids who are old enough not to smush her tiny self, of course!) We kind of picture her as a best friend to someone who is looking for the perfect lap dog. Destiny is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $500.

Superdog Mikeyat your service!! This 1 year old, 41 lb Border Collie mix (best guess!) is an all around fun, friendly pooch who happily gets along with everyone he meets. Mikey's daily activities include running around the yard with his canine foster friends, snoozing in the sun, playing with a few kids, and rubbing noses with the cat (yup, he likes the kitties!). His SC foster family takes him to the groomer every 2 weeks for some pampering, and he does great. Just to add to his awesomeness, Mikey is already house and crate trained and will easily slip right into his FOSTER OR FOREVER home. He is up to date on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. His adoption fee is $425.

Heartbreaking story ahead. This is Oliver, who we rescued from Puerto Rico along with his brother Opie. Oliver was adopted into a wonderful home with an amazing dad who adores him, and the feeling is definitely mutual. (He follows his dad everywhere he goes.) Sadly, Oliver's dad has Parkinson's Disease, and in the past few months his health has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. His family has tried to think of every possible option for Oliver to remain with his dad, but for his safety and well-being, his dad needs to be moved to a facility. :( The entire family is heart broken, and Oliver's dad is beside himself. Before he goes into the facility, his one wish is that this sweet boy finds a home where he will receive all of the love he has now from his dad. Oliver is a house trained 1 year old, 43 lb White German Shepherd/Hound (best guess) mix who is said to be simply a wonderful dog. He loves everyone, is very friendly, has great indoor manners, and really, just wants to be a member of the family. He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425. PLEASE help us find him a home as wonderful as his current home!

There’s a strong possibility that Frankie may have been a yoga master in his previous life. If you’re feeling stressed, allow this handsome boy’s calm and gentle nature to spread serenity. Frankie is a house trained 1 year old,  40 lb Shepherd mix (best guess!) who is the epitome of a southern gentleman. His Long Island foster mom says Frankie is quiet, calm, and easygoing - she hasn’t heard a peep out of him yet! He LOVES her kids and gets whole body wiggles whenever he seems them. A crash course in stranger danger certainly wouldn’t hurt because he thinks everyone is his new best friend.  Even when he “jumps” to kiss hello, he does it slowly and gently, and he’d be great in a home with kids of any age (even the little ones). He doesn’t quite seem to know how to play with his canine foster siblings yet, but he’s very content to sit on the sidelines and watch them wrestle around. We can’t imagine him slipping easily into pretty much any home. He’s not a huge fan of the crate, so we’d like home where he will not be crated. He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

Our sweet boy has a gentle soul, and all he wants is a loving home where he will be someone's very best friend. Kobe is a 2 year old, 50 lb Collie/Harrier mix (best guess) who is a super loving, easygoing, and submissive boy. He thinks people big and small are great, and he really LOVES to play with other dogs. Truthfully, Kobe is never going to be the life of the party. An exciting night for him is pretty much hanging on the couch binged watching Netflix, so he’d be very content in a home without a ton of chaos. He holds his back leg up when he walks, but our vet said this is due to an old injury and no additional care is required. He is not in any pain, and trust us, he has a GREAT time running and wrestling in the backyard with his canine foster sister. Kobe is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, and his adoption fee is $425.

Get ready for some lovin’ because Tallulah is all about the kisses!!! Miss Personality is a house and crate trained 9 month old, 45 lb American Bulldog/Lab mix (best guess!) who is being fostered on Long Island foster home and waiting for a family of her own. This gorgeous pup with the beautiful green eyes and reverse brindle coat has two favorite things in life: Kids and other dogs (and she doesn’t mind cats!). She has never met a dog she doesn’t get along with, and in Tallulah’s world, every dog was put on earth to be her playmate. She ADORES kids of all ages - (although sturdy ones would be best because in her loving exuberance, a wobbly one could get knocked over.) She is really smart and knows several commands, including sit and stay, and she’s doing her very best to contain her excitement and not jump up to say hello. Tallulah will happily occupy herself inside by playing with a toy on rainy days, but if she’s cooped up and bored, be on the alert for typical puppy mischievousness. (A few chewed shoes never killed anyone!) Her ideal home would be with another fun dog to chase in the yard and some kids to throw her a ball. Tallulah is vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed, and her adoption fee is $500.

Savannah has SOOO much love to share! This pretty little lady is house and crate trained 2 year old, 60 lb Boxer/ Staffie mix who is an all-around easygoing girl. She’s not a couch potato, but she’s generally very mellow and content to chill during the day. She’s never opposed to a good walk, has a gentle disposition with all humans big and small, and is always thrilled to see her people (even if you only leave for 2 minutes). If your kids are looking for a dog to run marathons with them, she's not the right fit, but if you’re looking for a good-natured, affectionate snuggle buddy, Savannah is your dream come true. She’s likes to be queen of her castle, so if there’ another dog, Savannah wants to be the boss. (No pushy pups please!) We think her dream home would be one here she is an only dog and can be spoiled to pieces. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $425.

Pictures don't do this handsome dude justice! This is our man Vinny, a 2-3 year old, 50lb Retriever/Border collie (best guess!) mix who is unbelievably gorgeous, very easygoing, gives great kisses, and is looking for his very own home. This guy loves to play with other dogs, and we think if he had a few kids of his own, he’d be thrilled. No clue about 🐱. Vinny is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

She’s sweet, affectionate, and all set for a home to call her own! Lulu is a 10 month old, 42 lb Lab/Pit mix whose Long Island foster parents say, “Lulu LOVES to snuggle, gives the best kisses, and is seriously the best cuddle ever! She is a “Velcro dog” - always wants to be right by your side, and it’s easy to get lost in her gorgeous puppy eyes. She’s excellent with every person she has met, and she is very good with my dogs. (She’s submissive with one and mouthy playful with the other.) She has puppy every, and it literally the sweetest girl ever!” Lulu is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $500.

Keep calm and be happy is Sugar's motto! This 1 year old, 35 lb Hound mix girl is full of sweetness and love and ready to spread her joy in a FOSTER OR FOREVER home. Sugar was an owner surrender who lived with young children. They adored her but her happiness kept knocking down the little toddler. :( She would be delighted with a few kids to play with in her new home as long as they are sure-footed. She loves giving kisses to all people big and small, and she LOVES being around her puppy friends. Her SC foster says she's a sucker for attention and has the BEST time in her daily doggie playgroup of 11 dogs! When she's not romping around with her buddies she's happy playing with her favorite toys - stuffed squeaky toys, ropes, and kongs. She is up to date on vaccines, microchipped and spayed. Adoption fee is $425.

Last week Lucky definitely wasn't feeling very lucky. 😭 This sweet boy was surrendered to a SC kill shelter when his lifelong owner became sick and couldn't care for him. Lucky was on the immediate list for euthanasia to make space at the shelter. Thankfully, our adopter Alyssa and family stepped up to foster him, and we were able to save Lucky's life. Lucky is a house trained 3 yr old, 45 lb Pit/Bassett (cutest short legs ever!)/Lab mix who is a very friendly, gentle, and loving boy. He was a little confused and sad at the shelter (Who wouldn't be!), but now his life is about to become amazing. Our SC volunteers say that Lucky gets along great with other dogs, walks perfectly on a leash, and is truly a perfect gentleman who will steal your heart. Lucky is microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $375.