Meet our newest supermodel! Annie is a 2 year old, 43 lb Shepherd mix (who may LOOK part wolf, but her personality is all mush!) Her Long Island foster says, "Annie is doing great! She's really coming out of her shell and we're having a blast. Her favorite time is definitely playtime. She LOVES kids and gets along with all other dogs (as well as cats). She is still a little mouthy when she gets super excited during play time (but absolutely means NO harm!), so kids would need to correct her and understand that she is mouthing, not "biting"." She's also a big fan of outdoor exploration and is a bit of an escape artist, so her new home needs a secure 6 foot fence. She walks very well on a leash, knows a few commands, and is just a super girl who is eager to make her people happy. Annie needs a loving home where she will receive extra special TLC." Annie is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $425.

The gentleness in her soulful eyes just melts our hearts! Sweet Saige is a house and crate trained 3 year old, 45 lb Lab/Hound mix who is in a Long Island foster home and looking for the perfect FOREVER HOME. She is a sweet, calm, and easygoing girl who deserves a family who will shower her with love and affection. She is very good with other dogs (although she prefers dogs her size or smaller b/c larger dogs scare her a bit), very gentle with kids, and also fine with cats. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped, and her adoption fee is $375.

This guy will take your breathe away…..and then smother you will juicy kisses! Our stunning Midnight, is a house trained 8 month old, 40 lb Lab mix who is being fostered on Long Island and looking for a FOREVER HOME. His foster dad says, “Midnight is all around fantastic (and he really looks like a full blooded Lab!) He came into our home, and it’s as if he has been here forever. He gets along with all dogs big and small (and is pretty submissive to larger dogs.) My daughters adore him, and he is great with them. Midnight is definitely not picky about the daily agenda, as long as it includes some play and snuggling time. This friendly and energetic boy is still in the goofy puppy stage, which is ridiculously cute, and he has yet to meet a dog or a child he doesn't instantly love!” He isn't phased by the cat in his foster home, so a dog savvy cat is fine. Midnight is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $450.

Attention lover at your service! Give this gorgeous girl a quick belly rub, and you just found yourself a new best friend. Bailey is a 2 1/2 year old, 47 lb Rottie/Shepherd who is looking for a NY/tri-state FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME.  Bailey is a hit wherever she goes! She loves other dogs, is friends with all people big and small, walks very nicely on a leash, and basks in love from humans. Bailey is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $425.

With a little love and patience, Moon, a house trained 2 year old, 70 lb Hound/Great Dane mix, has truly blossomed in her Long Island foster home! Her foster dad says, "Moon is doing so well and has regained her trust in humans. She is now a happy and playful girl who is loving life. She's still a little skittish outside with loud noises and commotion, but hey, who isn't? She is definitely ready for adoption. Moon needs a forever family who understands that it'll take a little while for her to show her true self." She hasn’t had a doggie playdate yet, but when she sees other dogs on her walk, she’s has an instant wiggly tushy and wagging tail. Moon absolutely adores the 8 year old little girl in her foster home, and we think she'd love a home with a few kids of her very own. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $375.

Are you ready for some excitement friends? We certainly are! Introducing our very first.......Dachsador! What is this breed you ask? This may sound like something from Star Wars, but she's actually one adorable low rider named Paisley (who is, as her name implies, a mix between a Lab and a Dachshund!) Paisley is a house trained 18 month old, 30 lb cutie with an adorable little stature and a heart of gold. She's being fostered in GA and needs a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME up north. This brown eyed beauty may be a tad shy at first, but she warms up quickly, and once she does, she'll have a ball playing with kids and other dogs until the sun goes down. Paisley aspires to be a worldwide traveler, and she is practicing by becoming an expert at scooting out opened front doors. Her people need to be aware of this when they open the front door, and she definitely needs a securely fenced yard. Paisley is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed. Adoption fee is $425.

This pretty girl had a family, but her owner’s health has drastically changed, and sadly, Shelly needs to find a new FOREVER home. She was one of OAAR's first rescue dogs back in 2016. She has been loving her life for the past 2 years, but her owners are unable to provide the proper exercise and attention she deserves. Shelly is a house trained 3 year old, 40 lb Shepherd/Hound mix who is a very well mannered girl. She'd prefers a home that's on the quieter and low key side where she can enjoy the outdoors catching a few rays of sunshine and taking long walks with her people. She’s a sweet natured pup who is not a fan of loud noises and commotion (such as thunder and shouting) so a family with older children would be best. Young kid screeching is sure to scare her. We're not sure about cats since she hasn’t met one. Shelly is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed. Adoption fee is $375.