Folks....we're fairly certain at this point Percy was thinking, "Get this thing off me!" (or more likely, a few choice words we can't post here!), but what a good sport he was for his St. Patty's Day photo shoot. Percy's SC records say he's 2 years old, but his Long Island foster mom says no way. We're guessing he's much closer to a (house and crate trained!) 1 year old boy who weighs in at around 56 lbs. Our best guess for breed is probably Lab/Boxer (but if anyone would like to join the guessing game, feel free!). Percy's foster mom says he's a simply amazing dog! If you're looking for a lazy couch potato, move along because he's not a good fit (and of course he's not - he's a 1 year old dog!). Percy is full of fun energy and LOVES to run in the yard, play fetch, and chew on his bones (so a fenced yard is a must), LOVES all other dogs and would be thrilled with am energetic canine friend in his new home, and LOVES kids (although he can be a bit mouthy when he gets excited, so dog savvy kids who know he is playing, not biting, is a must!). When he meets new people, kids and adults alike, he immediately is on his belly crawling to them for some tummy rubs. He really needs a home where someone is around during the day to let him run like crazy in the backyard or go on a nice long walk (he's great on a leash). When he's tired, he's also a huge snuggle muffin! Percy is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.                          

Life really hasn't been very kind to Giselle, and she is slowly learning that she is now safe and loved. Giselle, a 1-2 year old Lab/Pit mix, had one of the worst embedded collars we have seen, but even so, she has not lost her trust in humans. She was very frightened when she first arrived to her Long Island foster family, but now her tail is wagging  (which thrills us to no end!) and she is giving kisses to her canine foster sister Echo and initiating play by belly crawling over to her. We're so proud of Echo for being such  great welcomer to every foster her family bring into the home! Surprise, surprise...Giselle also seems to be a big fan of her new fluffy bed, as well as cuddling up on the couch with her human foster sister Avery, who we call the dog whisperer. Truthfully, there was no other family who would have gently coaxed Giselle out of her shell like this amazing foster home.  Giselle is never going to be the life of the party, but she will happily sit on the sidelines and observe all the activity and even participate in a game or two. She  needs a patient, gentle, and loving hand - someone who is willing to help build her confidence as she adjusts to her new life. The one word her foster family uses to describe her over and over again is: SWEET! Giselle MUST have a home with another friendly dog (non-negotiable). She is fine with kids, but we kids who know not to jump on her head and are respectful to her needs would be best.  She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $425.

Handsome Roscoe was from a terrible hoarding situation, and it's truly mind blowing that he is still has such a sweet and gentle thank-you-so-much-for-saving- me personality (which is truthfully exactly what makes a rescue dog so extra special!) This gorgeous boy was found with at least 12 other dogs in an absolutely filthy SC home, where even the dog food was literally covered in feces. Roscoe, who is about 1 year old and weighs aprox  50 lbs, is a Lab/Rottie mix with a fantastic personality - gentle, lovable, and not an ounce of aggression in his whole body. He really is the type of dog who just want to be loved and is not afraid to show affection to everyone he meets. He MAY try to kiss you to death.... but what could be better than death-by-smooching! He loves other dogs, and he does need a home with a secure 6 foot fence since he's also an explorer who will go in search of canine friends if given the chance. He is even good with the kitties! We are desperately trying to keep him out of boarding because we know he will become depressed. Roscoe is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and neutered - so he's all set to come up north once he has either a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME.  Please help us to give this boy the life he deserves - one without a horrible stench and feces all over his home and food. We can promise that he will repay you for the rest of his days! 

Buster is looking for his new BFF!!! This scruffy fellow didn't have the easiest life before being rescued. He was found stuffed into a box in a truck with matted fur, cuts on his face, and suffering from heartworm. Thankfully, his days are definitely much brighter now! Buster is a house trained 2 year old, 41 lb Terrier mix who has been treated for HW, is happy and healthy, and all set to head up north - he just needs a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME! His SC foster mom says, "Buster is a sweet boy and has progressed SO much since I first took him in! The first week I had him, he had to be picked to come inside. Sadly, it seems he felt he did not belong inside. He initially went crazy over treats, but I've now trained him to take a treat "easy". He gets along great with all of my dogs and loves to play with everyone. He sleeps in a crate, but only with the door open - he doesn't like to be closed in (Can you blame him? He was stuffed in a box!) He loves to cuddle with me on the couch but is a polite boy who waits for me to say it's ok to hop on up. He's shows no food aggression and eats with all the other dogs, walks very nicely on a leash, loves riding shotgun in the car, and just has a very loving disposition. He really enjoys the other dogs at my house, so I think he needs a friend in his new home or he will be lonely. He hasn't had the chance to be around kids a lot, but I think he'd do well in a home with respectful children who know how to treat a dog. No cats - he barks through the fence at any he sees." Buster is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

Let's all give a cheer for the wrinkly forehead club! Just sayin' - I'm pretty sure I should be leader. My name is Lucey, and I'm a 1 1/2 yr old, 66 lb bundle of sweet deliciousness (best guess Boxer/Lab mix) who is really looking forward to a bigger and better life! I am beautifully recovering from (non-contagious) mange due to a past of poor nutrition and neglect. My Long Island foster says, "Lucey is the type of pup who thrives on love and tenderness. She gets along GREAT with other dogs and is a really gentle and submissive girl who belly crawls and rolls on her back whenever she meets someone new. She probably has never lived inside before now, so she's working on house training and doing great. Lucey is going to return the love of her new family many times over!" Lucey loves her brother, who has been adopted, so she needs a home with another friendly pup to keep her company and pal around with during the day. She is microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and spayed, and her adoption fee is $425.






Happy happy, joy joy! Just try to catch this little dude without a smile on his face. Rex is all set to add his delightful personality to one lucky family! This lil' guy is a 3 year old, 15 lb Chi/Terrier mix who was found roaming the streets of Puerto Rico, and his Long Island foster mom says he's the man! Rex loves other dogs, thinks all people are awesome, and is just an all-around fantastic pup. He's a true family dog just waiting to be spoiled. He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, and his adoption fee is $375.

Woo hoo! Forget the impending snow, let's radiate in the sunshine that is Phoebe. This gorgeous girl will bring a skip to your step, a light to your life, happiness to your heart. Get the picture? Our super girl survived an emergency c-section and then a to-date mysterious illness that almost took her life. Thanks to the wonderful care of the doctors at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center, Phoebe has made a full recovery and is all set to find her very own FOREVER HOME. We think Phoebe is about a year old, and we know she's 35 lbs. Our best guess for breed is Pit/Boxer (because she has THE cutest underbite in the world, and how can you not love the head tilt?) This is a wiggly tushie, incredibly friendly, buddy-to- all kind of dog. We can't imagine any home where Phoebe wouldn't immediately become part of the family! She's not a fan of cats so a feline-free home would be best. Warning: She is VERY special to us, so if you're a very special family looking for an amazing dog (with quite a fan following, we might add!), send in your app now. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $425.


The happy smile on his face says it all! This guy will light up your world, add a spring to your step, bring happiness to your heart. Sounds like a bad poem, yes, but we just tell it like it is! Remington, a house and crate trained 2 year old, 65 lb Lab mix, is one stunning dude who also happens to have a fantastically amazing disposition.  His Long Island foster family says, "This is going to be one tough foster to let go! Remington is such a sweetheart and behaves like he has been a part of our family for the past two years! He is an extremely well mannered, easygoing, happy boy who was obviously used to being well loved by his previous family. He walks great on a leash, loves playing with other dogs, and despite his size, is wonderful with kids - very gentle and sweet."  Feline chasing would definitely be a fun activity for him, so no cats please! You do NOT want to miss out on the chance to add this boy to your family! Remington is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.         

It's his ears that really win our hearts, but his personality definitely isn't a downside. Meet Xavier, a very friendly and fun 2 year old, 9 lb purebred Chihuahua who is all set for a FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME to call his own. He's chilling' in SC, but as soon as a lap is calling his name, he will be hoping on the freedom van. Favorite activities include snuggling, car rides, and giving kisses. He loves humans and gets along well with FEMALE DOGS (What can we say....he seems to be a lady's man.) He would also be quite content being the spoiled prince as an only dog in one loving home. Xavier is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

If ever there was a dog meant to be with kids, here we have the epitome of a "family dog"! Ok, so he's 70 lbs of pure muscle, but please don't burst Trooper's bubble and tell him that he's not a lap dog! He can't help that he's a ridiculously gentle and sweet cuddle bug who truly gives new meaning to the phrase "gentle giant"! The insanely handsome Troop-ster is a 1 year old Pit/Lab-ish mix who is being fostered on Long Island and truly doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is a very gentle and patient boy who lights up around children, LOVES (and we do mean LOVES!) other dogs, and cannot wait to shower his people with kisses. Cuddler extraordinaire at your service! Since no one is perfect, here's what Trooper doesn't enjoy: Cats, balloons, and wheels (such as those on toy truck and cars - yeah, a little odd, we know). We really don't have enough words to explain what an amazing all-around good boy Trooper is going to be in one lucky home. If there are kids and another dog in his new home, Trooper will think he's in doggie heaven (which is a long way off from when he was found freezing to death under a boat in Tennessee). Trooper is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and his adoption fee is $425.

Can you believe that a boy as sweet and handsome as I am was found huddled under a bridge in SC and chained to a tree? My collar was cutting deeply into my neck, and I wasn't in the best shape. Thanks to OAAR and my foster mom Jessie, I've received a ton of love (and proper medical care!), and I'm happy to say I'm a new pup! My name is Murray, and I'm an 11 month old, 35 lb Lab/Hound (best guess!) mix who is excited to hop on the freedom van...all I need is a NY/tri-state area FOSTER or FOREVER home. You'll only hear great things about my handsome self! My friendly and playful personality means I like all people big and small, and I love to play with other dogs. (Not sure about cats bc I haven’t met one yet.)  Please don't tell anyone, but I do have a little secret…I’m obsessed with McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cones! So folks...submit your application now, and let’s hit the drive thru!!  I am vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered, and my adoption fee is $450.

                        SANDY we have one smart (and pretty!) pooch! When Sandy found herself dumped on a busy road, she ran across 4 lanes of traffic and and hopped right into a car - which happened to be stopped by a rescuer! Sandy is an 18 month old, 46 lb Hound mix, and all we can say is, this girl is a dog owner's dream come true! Sandy's GA foster mom says, "Sandy is everything you could ever want in a dog! She is fully house trained, is a polite little lady with wonderful indoor manners, doesn't chew on anything, doesn't jump to greet you (so she won't knock over any little ones!), rides nicely in the car, and walks perfectly on a leash. Every night she sleeps in bed with my kids, is great with my own dogs, and is even fine with cats." We's all true!!!! Sandy is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $425.