Ollie's Angels Foster Application
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Thanks you for your interest in fostering for Ollie's Angels! As a foster based rescue, we rely on our wonderful foster homes in order to save lives. We work diligently to match each puppy/dog with a perfect forever family. Our foster homes provide us with vital information about each dog so we can be sure to choose a placement that works for both the dog and adopter. Being in a loving foster homes allows us the time to find the best fit for each dog. PLEASE NOTE: You must be 23 years of age to foster and have a schedule conducive to properly caring for a dog. For the safety of our dogs, we require that all foster homes have a traditionally fenced (not electric) yard.
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If you do not currently have any pets, please provide the name and phone number for the veterinarian who took care of your previous pets.
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Personal Questionnaire
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I, the undersigned, agree to the following statements. The information I have provided is truthful and honest. Failure to answer question(s) honestly will result in an automatic denial of this application. I agree to abide fully with the fostering guidelines submitted below. *
I understand that as a foster parent, my role is to provide a safe and loving temporary home. Ollie's Angels has full discretion as to the placement of my foster dog. I will make my foster dog available to be shown to approved adopters, as well as provide Ollie's Angels with pictures to be used to publicize the dog. I do not have the authority to choose a permanent home for my foster dog. As a foster for a non-profit organization, I will in no way profit from any activities related to Ollie's Angels. *
I understand that all veterinary visits must be pre-approved by an Ollie's Angels Board of Director. My foster dog is to be seen ONLY by an approved Ollie's Angel's veterinarian. Ollie's Angels will cover all approved medical expenses should they arise. I agree to accept full financial responsibility for any expenditures that are not pre-approved by Ollie's Angels. *
I understand that Ollie's Angels cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any damage a foster dog may cause to the home, including and not limited to damage to personal property, humans, or other animals in the home. *
I understand that I am solely responsible in my decision to foster for Ollie's Angels. Ollie's Angels can in no way guarantee the health, behavior, or temperament of any dog in my home. All animals in the foster home are up to date on required vaccinations, and I carry appropriate insurance to cover any potential personal or liability issues that may occur as a result of fostering for Ollie's Angels. *
If any time Ollie's Angels is not satisfied with the care being provided in the foster home, Ollie's Angels has full power and authority to reclaim the dog immediately. This will not be viewed as theft or trespass, as each dog is a legal entity of Ollie's Angels Animal Rescue. *
To ensure the safety of both the foster dog, as well as any animals in the foster home, all animals in the foster home are up to date on required vaccinations and spayed/neutered. *
I understand that if I decide to adopt my foster dog, I will have first priority; however, fosters cannot be held once a family has been approved to adopt. I agree to execute an adoption contract immediately upon deciding to adopt. If an adoption contract is not in place, Ollie's Angels has the authority to move forward with another adopter. I understand that if an adoption contract has already been signed by an adoptive family, I no longer have priority to adopt. *
I agree that if the foster application is submitted electronically, the signature below will be deemed as signed by the applicant, and as such, legally binding to all conditions stated above.
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