Based out of Long Island, New York, Ollie's Angels Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2016 by Melissa Bielawski. Melissa's devotion for animal rescue started at a very young age, with each and every dog in her childhood home being a rescue saved from a shelter. As a teenager, Melissa's love for dogs led to her working briefly in a pedigree pet store; once she realized the suffering and cruelty these animals endured through the breeding process, rescue became a true passion. Having worked directly in rescue for the past two years, Melissa is thrilled to be able to finally establish Ollie's Angels. It is a truly a dream come true, and through Ollie's Angels, it is her fervent hope that many precious lives will be saved.

In addition to her best buddy Ollie, Melissa is also a doggy mommy to her wonderful girl Lucy, who was adopted from a fabulous NYC rescue as a tiny pup and who has grown into a sweet and amazing family member. Melissa lives in Greenlawn, NY, with her husband Michael, and their three young daughters, all of whom are future animal rescuers in the making!