My name is Carson (AKA Carson The Chameleon!)  My super power allows me to blend into my surroundings to take down the enemy. Look at the pics...I’m practically invisible! If you look closely, you can just make out a handsome hunk of a  Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix.  I’m still learning to fully hide my dreamy eyes and honey colored fur, but I'm pretty advanced for three months (even though I'm a bit skinny, but have no fear, my Long Island foster momma knows just what to feed a future superhero, so she's fattening me up!)  It's tough to remain hidden when humans and animals are around because I just love to play, run, and cuddle! This superhero thing is hard on a puppy, so I’m in search of a Superhero Master who’s ready to add to the likes of Superman, The Flash, Buzz Lightyear, and the infamous Underdog. (Kids will do just fine!) I’m microchipped, vaccinated, and ready for training. My adoption will be finalized upon neuter, and for$450, you can add me to your crew!


Check out my adorable "kiss me now" look! If you're ready for some smooching, I'm game. My name is Champ, and I'm a super happy and friendly 4 month old, 20 lb (yep, kinda small!) Shepherd mix. I totally understand why everyone who sees me has to stop to comment on my cuteness and my Texas heritage! Included on my daily "to-do" list are exploring everything in the great outdoors, making new friends wherever I go, taking a nice walk on a leash (I have great leash manners - and if it were up to me, I'd stop to chat with every human and dog I pass!). If you happen to  throw in some kids and other dogs, my day is complete - with snuggle time at the end of course. After a fun day, I'm happy to crash in my crate and sleep quietly all night long. If you want a gorgeous boy to complete your family and are willing to keep the treats, fun, and love coming my way, you've found your new BFF. I'm also microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated and my adoption fee is $450.

Do you believe in past lives? I do, and I'm fairly certain that I was a fish on one of them because I absolutely LOVE the water! My name is Bruce, and I'm a 5 month old, 40 lb Red Husky/German Shepherd (NOT a guess!) mix. My mom and dad definitely aren't tiny, so I'm going to be a big dog and that definitely means I also have a huge heart. I love all humans big and small, get along like a champ with other dogs, and I'm even totally fine with the kitties! My idea of a perfect life is to play all day and smooch my peeps all night. I'm neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and my adoption fee is $450.

Call me cute, call me Zappy (which really is my name!), just don't call me late for dinner! I'm a small dude with  a healthy appetite for the finer things in life....filet mignon, sticks, remote controls - you name it, I like it). I might only be 10 lbs or so right now, but then again, I'm only about 10 weeks old. My 4 canine foster sibs keep my plenty entertained all day long (which my foster mom thinks is just the greatest!), although I admit they MAY be teaching me just a few naughty puppy tricks, but I promised not to rat anyone out. Amos.  I'm really a very  smart boy who also happens to give THE MOST fantastic kisses - just sayin'.  The highlights of a typical day in the life of Zappy include romping in the yard, chewing a few forbidden items, doing zoomies around the den, and crashing on the couch (which is strictly forbidden!). I'm crossing my paws for a FOREVER FAMILY with another dog or two, and kids who won't mind some love bites from sharp puppy teeth. Hey, they all fall out eventually, so no big deal! Want me? I'm neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and for $450, I promise to entertain you forever. 

Miss Layla is a 5 month old, 20 lb Lab/Shepherd (best guess!) mix. Her Long Island foster says this girl is an absolute love bug who is happy, friendly, and so eager to give kisses to anyone who would like some puppy breath. She loves other dogs and is great with all people big and small. She is going to make one NY/tri-state area  FOREVER HOME very happy.
Layla is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $450.                             

Note: have tissues on hand. Some stories are heartbreaking for both the pup and his owners. Jack is loved, adored, spoiled, and a true member of his family, but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  Jack's mom has an elderly, very sick mother whose last wish is not to die in a "home", so she is moving into Jack's house with the family. Unfortunately, she is also  highly allergic to dogs, so while the decision is truly heartbreaking for the family, they are forced to look for a new home for their beloved boy. Jack is a gorgeous house trained 9 month old German Shepherd mix (we're saying mix, but he looks pretty pure to us!) who is everything you could ask for in a dog.  His mom says, "Jack is about 42lbs and comes up to my knees (I'm 5'). While  he's not big in size, he is giant in love, sweetness, manners, and affection. He looks like a miniature shepherd with a very short tail (we believe it was cropped back in TN before he was rescued.) Jack needs a very loving, affection, and attention-giving home. We want him to have this so he won't even understand that he has moved to a new family. It means the world to us that his transition is seamless. He is a creature of God and deserves to be continued to be respected and appreciated - especially since he has already had a rough start in life. No one in our home ever walks past him without calling his name out loud or saying "I love you, Jack". We will come home from work and ask him how his day was.  Jack-Jack is used to having company most of the day, but he has never caused a problem with furniture or accidents if we left him for 10 hours or more (just hide the socks - he LOVES socks!). He loves kisses and belly rubs and adores having his chin and sides of his mouth scratched! He sleeps in our bed and will actually cuddle or spoon until he gets too hot.  My point is he is used to being included and treated like family - he is never left out. That is the kind of family he deserves. He give SO much back."  We are looking for a VERY special home for this boy - preferably one close to the water and a dog park because he LOVES to swim, and he also loves to play with other dogs. Jack's adoption fee is $450.