If you're looking for sweet, mellow, friendly, and cuddly, have we got the girl for you! Sadie, a house and crate trained 10 month old, 35 lb Corgi-ish, Pit-ish, maybe Beagle-ish (yes, she's a tough one!) mix is as gentle as they come in doggie land. Her foster mom says that this stunning brindle girl has completely stolen her heart (in 2 days!). Sadie was found in an abandoned yard locked inside a very tiny crate, but we're happy to say that her love for everyone was not diminished in any way! She follows her people around the house and LOVES to snuggle. She is wonderful with children big and small, and with her small size and calm demeanor, you don't have to worry about her knocking over a teeny tot. She gets along great with other dogs (but a super big, barky dog may scare her a bit because she's a sweet little thing.) We think she'd do best in a relatively calm home without a lot of chaos. Sadie is for sure going to be someone's new BFF. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $450.

 Got kids, cats, other dogs? I'm the sweetest of the sweet (and very pretty too!) and I love every living being I meet. All I ask is for in return is a ton of snuggles! My name is Tula, and I'm a house and crate trained 12 week old, 20 lb Jack Russell/Hound mix who just wants to curl up in a lap and be loved.  I'm all set to come up north - I just need a NY/tri-state area FOREVER HOME.  My wonderful SC foster mom says, "Tula is super smart, sits on commands, loves to play fetch with a ball, is great with cats, and is obsessed with kids. She also LOVES other dogs, so her forever family needs another friendly pup." And did I happen to mention my cute little heart nose?  If you’re home most of the day to show me the ropes of puppy hood, that would be awesome! I am up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and my adoption will be finalized upon spay. My adoption fee is $450.


Meet Candy! This pretty girl is a New Year’s baby and is another beautiful Puerto Rican Sato. She was born on the streets of the Arroyo neighborhood in Puerto Rico and is a 10 week old, 8 lb. lab mix. She is catching her freedom flight soon with her sisters Cindy and Coco and is looking for her FOREVER home. She is a very sweet girl and gets along with other dogs and is a happy and playful puppy. Since she is a baby, she will need someone home with her for most of the day. Candy is up to date on vaccinations and her adoption will be finalized upon being spayed. Her adoption fee is $450. 

Let’s get this handsome guy a home! Gordon is patiently waiting, with ticket in paw, for his trip from GA to NY (Long Island). In the meantime he would LOVE for someone special to step up and provide a loving FOSTER or FOREVER home when he arrives March 24th. He’s an 8 month old, 47 lb Lab mix with super good looks, friendly nature and will provide endless kisses to all! He is vaccinated, microchipped & neutered. Adoption fee is $450.

Our sweet southern belle is heading to the snow! Who wants to warm this girl up next weekend? Charlotte is an 8 month old, 45 lb Lab mix and she’s making her way up to Long Island, NY on Saturday, March 24th.  Her friends in Georgia describe her as friendly and sweet as can be, not sure why anyone would dump a dog like this!! If you have awesome cuddling abilities and lots of time to smother her with love, she would love for you to be her FOSTER or FOREVER family. Charlotte is microchipped, vaccinated & spayed. Her adoption fee is $450.

Are we in la-la-land?? Collin is a 4 month old, 15 lb Lab/Shepherd mix and we literally can’t stand his cuteness!! This lil guy is being spoiled by his fosters in GA but he’s almost ready for his journey to Long Island. What he needs is a NY/tri-state FOSTER or FOREVER home, someone who is around more often than not is best - a day spent in a crate is no fun for a puppy! If you're looking for a cutie to add to your family, you've found him! He is vaccinated, microchipped & adoption will be finalized upon neuter. Adoption fee is $450.

Puerto Rican pups rock! Ginger, a house trained 6 month old, 15 lb Sato dog, is a huge fan of the US, and will happily sport red, white, and blue if you so desire. Since her Long Island debut, Ginger's sparkling personality has really come to life! We had to post her sleepy pictures because she's just so darn cute), but Ginger is a curious, independent, and friendly little girl who is always up for some doggie adventures. If she's not busy playing, she's all about curling up in a cozy lap. Stop and repeat, over and over, all day long. She's got a great noggin and learns new things very quickly (we foresee some fancy tricks in her future!). She loves and craves human attention, has the best time playing with other dogs, and she is thrilled to hang out with kids. (Side note from the peanut gallery.....well behaved kids who will not jump on top of a 15 lb pooch would be best!) Ginger is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $450.

This hunk has the dreamiest eyes!! Joey, the 10 wk old Golden/Lab mix, is turning heads left and right! This gorgeous boy is ready to make his way up to Long Island (NY) from SC on Mar 24th and needs a FOSTER or FOREVER family to fulfill his wish. He would be thrilled in a home where someone is around most of the day to teach him puppy basics. Joey loves people of all ages and gets along wonderfully with his canine friends. He is vaccinated, microchipped & his adoption will be finalized upon neuter. Adoption fee is $450.

Hello there! My name is Jemma and I’m a 10 wk old Rottie/Golden mix looking for a loving FOSTER or FOREVER family. I’m in SC now but set to come to Long Island, NY on Mar 24th. I have a wonderful soft coat and a sweet, loving personality to match. I’m a well socialized puppy that enjoys the company of people and other animals. Could I be your future family member? If so, then get ready for all the puppy love and kisses I have in store for you!! I am vaccinated, microchipped & my adoption will be finalized upon spay. My adoption fee is $450.


Meet Cindy! Cindy and her sisters Candy and Coco are in Puerto Rico waiting on their freedom flight to NY. She is a 10 week old, 7 lb lab mix and is looking for a FOREVER home. She loves life, especially since being rescued from the streets and is a typical happy and playful puppy who enjoys romping around with her sisters, but also loves some human snuggles. Being so young, she will need someone around during the day to teach her the ropes. Cindy is up to date on vaccinations and her adoption will be finalized upon being spayed. Her adoption fee is $450.


As if Sato pups couldn't be any cuter! Here is another one of our insanely beautiful girls and she's almost ready to come up from Puerto Rico.  Coco is a 10 week old, 7 lb lab mix who is full of love, fun and wet kisses.  She was found in the streets of Arroyo with her siblings but now she's happy, safe and needs a FOSTER or FOREVER family to cuddle her to pieces. She's a young pup so a family who is home most of the day would be best. Coco is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped & adoption will be finalized upon spay. Her adoption fee is $450.

Sitting in boarding is no way for a pretty girl to spend her days. Miss Julie sees herself basking in the sun, romping in a yard and deciding which treats she likes best. She is a sweet 6 month old, 47 lb Lab mix ready to hop on her freedom ride from Georgia to NY for her arrival Saturday, March 24th. All she needs now is a NY/tri-state area FOSTER or FOREVER home to welcome her. Who’s going to cheer this girl up?? She is vaccinated, microchipped & spayed. Adoption fee is $450.

Hey, over here! It’s me, Miley…some people have confused me with a teddy bear (due to my gorgeous fluffy coat!!) but I can assure you I’m a 6 month old, 32 lb Golden Retriever/Husky mix girl who’s over the moon happy to please everyone.  I get along great with other dogs and I’m no couch potato so get ready for some fun! I’ve got some awesomely smart genes so I’m pretty sure I’ll be quick to learn the basics with some simple training. I’m already crate trained and just a family dog just waiting to happen!! The only thing I need is a FOSTER or FOREVER home. I am vaccinated, microchipped & spayed. My adoption fee is $450.